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Episode 3: A Never-Ending Misery Hell-Nightmare

Karlee Esmailli (Super Patriotic Dating Simulator) and Kathleen De Veer (LoadingReadyRun) talk about writing good satire, sex positivity, and how Jason Alexander is not actually George Costanza in real life.

Episode 2: Warning! Sexy Boy!

Hana Lee (Humble Grove) and Liz Roche (Someone Has Died) talk about the Golden Girls, best practices for promoting your Kickstarter on social media, and the concept of being a gamer.

Episode 1: "Go flip a tractor tire out in the parking lot."

Matt Chapman (Homestar Runner) and Tommy Maranges (Secret Hitler, Philosophy Bro) talk about angry people on the internet, Instant Pot™ recipes, and their greatest fears. Click the episode title for even more, better info.

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