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Nobody is Mature Enough (for Attack on Titan)

It's the artist episode! Nick Nazzaro (Lay Waste Games, Titmouse Studios) and Eric Huang (Trinket Studios, Battle Chef Brigade) convince you to drop out of school, watch anime, and move across the country. CW: Around 9m40s, we talk about some rather graphic content in art that may not be safe for some workplaces. If you're at work, maybe put on headphones until 12m34s.

Get That Communications Degree

This week we’re chatting with community managers Victoria Tran (Kitfox Games) and Harris Foster (Finji Games). Join us for an in-depth discussion of the quickly evolving field of community management, our seasonal allergies, and whether social media is really worth the trouble anymore.

Pack Bond with Anything

It’s the crossover event of the century. Kells (Calico) and Rand Miller (Cyan Worlds) discuss their distinct creative visions, pack-bonding with robots, and how Jimmy Eat World is basically the Pink Floyd of turn-of-the-century emo.

Get in your spaceship and go!

Our incredible guests Brandon Dixon (Swordsfall) and C. Spike Trotman (Iron Circus Comics), along with special guest co-host Ytasha Womack (Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci Fi & Fantasy Culture), give you a guided tour of Afrofuturism and Afropunk in games and fiction. Along the way, we'll discuss our parents, eating breakfast, and being old enough to remember the original She-Ra.

Time Travel, but Also Throwing Burritos

Cole Wehrle (Root, Pax Pamir) and Daisy Ritz (Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burrito) have a chat about stretch goals, the party that is the internet, and how amazing wearing a sheet around town could be.

The Experience

Sam Roberts (IndieCade) and Mary Flanagan (Mechanica) take a deep dive into games theory and explore the experience of play.

Let it Go

Alanna Cervenak of Asmadi Games (1001 Odysseys) and Christopher Badell of Greater Than Games (Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game) discuss the many roles and duties in game development, and how stressful it can be to just let someone else do their dang job. We also have an in-depth discussion about our many horrible adopted cats, which was fully unrelated and entirely delightful.

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