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The Game Now Exists and You have to Deal with It

What is a community manager? Why do you need one? How do you become one? Maya Coleman (Inhuman Conditions, Trogdor!) and Bebo (BeBold Games) share their tales and tips from their years as community and media managers in the games industry. This is the last episode of season 1 of I Think You Two Would Get Along! See you in 2019, nerds.

I run...I guess...a Business?

This week on the pod, we dive into the New York independent games scene. New York indies Francesca Carletto-Leon (StarCrossed) and Pat Brennan (Status Report) join us for a rousing conversation about friendship, terrible games events, and what might happen to society if the average human lifespan were extended to 350 years.

We all Definitely Get Along

You know them, you love them, and you read their games newsletter every other week. But who exactly are Anya, Luke, and Trin? This week, get to know your friendly Kickstarter Games team. We'll tell you all about our respective paths through the games industry, and some hot tips on how to prepare yourself for your own career.

Everything is Aluminum

Today we're getting cozy with Mike Laidlaw (Dragon Age, Waylanders) and Dan Kramer (Filibuster). We make plans for the solarpunk future, explain the archaic technology of the compact disc, and muse on what it means to be political.

Episode 6: Thank You For Signing My Paycheck

This week, we interviewed Elan Lee (Exploding Kittens) and Cory O'Brien (Monster Prom, Inhuman Conditions) about their creative partnerships, Ursula K Le Guin, and how poorly they've been sleeping lately. Trin screams a bunch, Luke denies being Trin's boss, and Cory sings us a nice song.

Episode 5: Lil Brain Munchies, Om Nom Nom

Sarah Kennington (One Free Elephant) and Jenn Ellis (Twogether Studios) discuss their first whiskey, creative variety, and the tangy taste of haggis.

Episode 4: 800 Children Who Fight For You

Tanya X. Short (Boyfriend Dungeon) and Ryan Wiemeyer (Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!) discuss Pokemon, the unique complexities of creating a dating sim, and getting a B+ and having a nice long cry about it.

Episode 3: A Never-Ending Misery Hell-Nightmare

Karlee Esmailli (Super Patriotic Dating Simulator) and Kathleen De Veer (LoadingReadyRun) talk about writing good satire, sex positivity, and how Jason Alexander is not actually George Costanza in real life.

Episode 2: Warning! Sexy Boy!

Hana Lee (Humble Grove) and Liz Roche (Someone Has Died) talk about the Golden Girls, best practices for promoting your Kickstarter on social media, and the concept of being a gamer.

Episode 1: "Go flip a tractor tire out in the parking lot."

Matt Chapman (Homestar Runner) and Tommy Maranges (Secret Hitler, Philosophy Bro) talk about angry people on the internet, Instant Pot™ recipes, and their greatest fears. Click the episode title for even more, better info.

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